A central part of the CalTeach experience is to provide opportunities for aspiring teachers to gain real-world classroom experience. All CalTeach introductory courses, as well as three of the five minor courses, contain a fieldwork element that ties in closely with the focus and themes of the course.

Through field placements, CalTeach undergraduates take theories, concepts, and methods from their courses directly into local classrooms. By putting these techniques into practice, CalTeach students build a teaching toolbox as they progress through the course sequence. By the time undergraduates complete the CalTeach minor, they will have spent over 100 hours honing their teaching skills in a local classroom setting.

Our program emphasizes the importance of public education and all CalTeach field placements are made in local public schools. Many of our students’ placements are in Berkeley and Oakland, although we work with other East Bay districts as well.

In addition to presenting lessons and working alongside local teachers, CalTeach students act as college-going role models in their field placements. As current college students, CalTeach undergrads are in a unique position to show K–12 students the importance of college.

What to expect

Still don't know what to expect or have questions? Watch this in depth video about your field placement.

Transportation Options

CalTeach field placements take place primarily in East Bay schools and there are a number of ways students can get to and from their school site. Some schools are within easy walking distance of UC Berkeley. Other locations are accessible by bike or public transit. To learn more about field placement transportation options, feel free to contact our Student Services Coordinator.

Cal Teach provides students enrolled in EDUC 131AC with the opportunity to request financial reimbursement for BART transportation costs incurred while traveling to and from their field placement locations. To request reimbursement, please complete the form linked below and gather the required supporting receipts, then please drop them off in 30 EVANS (Cal Teach ARC) with a CalTeach Peer Advisor. Reimbursement requests may be submitted by the end of the semester after you have completed all your travel.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their submission is complete. All trips should begin and end in Berkeley. Lyft/Uber (or similar) usage will not be reimbursed unless pre-approved by the department.

Field Placement Documents