As a program primarily for STEM majors, Cal Teach interacts with many academic departments in related fields and we would like to explore increasing these on-campus partnerships. For departmental student advisors and other staff seeking more information about Cal Teach, please get in touch with our Student Services Coordinator.

Cal Teach is also expanding partnerships with faculty. One key area where faculty involvement is crucial is for research placements for the Cal Teach Summer Research Institute. For faculty interested in taking on an instructional role in the Cal Teach program, UGIS/EDUC C122: Research Methods is an ideal fit.

In broadening our campus relationships, Cal Teach is also seeking faculty interested in improving K–12 STEM education to act as Faculty Affiliates or Advisory Board members. Campus faculty interested in working with the Cal Teach program are encouraged to get in touch with the faculty co-directors, Professor Deb Nolan (Statistics) or Professor George Johnson (Mechanical Engineering).